If you have a question, just email us and ask it...we'll put some of the answers here on our FAQ page.

What is scottwilder.fm?
It's The Scott Wilder Show weekday afternoons 3-5 central time and great Christian music the rest of the time. (It's the radio in my head...and now it's available to you.)

Why are you doing scottwilder.fm?
I thought people deserve to get the gift, not the packaging. Technology provides us choices like never before. It's a bit of nostalgia and a bit of frustration that birthed scottwilder.fm.

Is the technical sound as good as my FM radio?
No. It's better. Typically, FM radio stations' audio delivery quality is 64kbps...scottwilder.fm comes to you at 96kbps. That is at CD quality, which, as you know, is better than the quality of your FM radio station. You will notice the quality as soon as you listen to scottwilder.fm.

How can it be free and also not have all the commercials I hear over the radio?
If you have a favorite restaurant in your neighborhood, you should go there and support the business so it's there for many years to come. Whether scottwilder.fm is around very long or not is really up to the people who listen and benefit from it and want it to grow. I'm hopeful people will immediately see the value, will tell all their friends, and will want to make sure it's around for a long time. (Don't leave it for someone else to do...If you like it, feed it...click here)

What makes this better than Pandora?
Do you want a chef cooking your meals or an algorithm?

Can I listen on my phone?
Yes. Live365 carries our broadcast. They have an app that's free. Like some other services, they offer what they call a VIP membership that will deliver everything we send you without LIve365 (brief) commercials. With every VIP membership, you also are helping keep scottwilder.fm on the air (click the banner at the bottom of this page to get a $20 discount).

I noticed a 'buy' button on the player. When I buy a song, does that help keep scottwilder.fm on the air?
Not if you purchase from the player. But if you get your music directly from scottwilder.fm, then the answer is yes. If you are used to buying on iTunes rather than Amazon, don't worry. You will still get your music downloaded and then you just go to your iTunes and 'add to library' from the folder you downloaded the songs to...it's not hard to make the switch and by getting your music when you are at scottwilder.fm, you will help us stay on the air. Go to the Top Songs tab at the top of the page for the latest songs...and there are two banners that also give you information about your songs...one banner on the right side of the site...and one at the bottom that scrolls many of your favorite songs...ready for download.

What's with the fish at scottwilder.fm at the top of the page?
In the process of putting the site together I wanted to play a little, so I put it up...not thinking I'd leave it. But then it occurred to me that that's exactly what we're doing...we're feeding the fish...so I thought I'd leave it up. (btw, you know you can feed the fish, right? just click in that banner to feed 'em.)